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We’re going to look at the best PVC card printer under budgets available on the market today. We made the list based on our own opinion, research and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features and values when narrowing down the best choices possible.

pvc card printer

Types of PVC card Printer 

Before buying a PVC card printer, we need to know how many types of PVC card printer available in the market to choose the best printer as per your requirement and budget.

  1. Fusing machine printing : if you’re looking for a machine to start a large scale PVC card printing business, then you can choose this machine. First print all your cards in a white ink jet PVC card fusing sheets using an ink jet printer and overlap these sheets with a transparent plastic. Now insert the sheets in the fusing machine and set the temperature to 150 degree Celsius. When the temperature decreases to around 30-degree Celsius turns off the machine and take out the sheets. Now your cards are ready for cutting using an ID card cutter, you can make a PVC card within 10 to 15 minutes using this process. 
  1. Sublimation, PVC card printing : Using this sublimation printing method transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat. First print all your cards in White Plain Sublimation PVC Sheets now cutout what size you need and insert into the sublimation printing machine and heat press within 5 to 7 minute your card is ready to use. 
  2. Dragon sheet Printing: This is a very low cost PVC card print process. Dragon sheet is a combination of two pieces of paper, one is soft, and the other one is hard. Using any normal printer, print your card in the soft paper and laminate with the hard one. In this process, it hardly takes 10 minutes to make a PVC card. 
  1. Ink jet printers : In the market, there are some Ink jet printers that support direct PVC card print. Just adjust the paper tray and insert the blank PVC card and print in two minutes your card is ready to use, but there are some disadvantages of this process: the print quality is not perfect for business purposes, and it’s not a professional way to print a PVC card and these printers have some print head problem and paper jam issue. this are some Ink jet PVC card printers Epson L805,L810, L850, CANON G4000, G4010, 
  1. Thermal PVC card printer : This is the best way to print a PVC card and if you’re looking for a printer to start a business then you can go for this. These printers are available in single and dual-sided versions and these printers have their own softwares. Magicard Enduro3E, Evolis Primacy 2. Best buy link is given below.

epson l805 pvc card printer

Best PVC card printer 

As we discuss in different categories there are different types of PVC card printers available in the markets, but there are some best PVC card printers in their own categories.

  • Fusion machine printing : you can use Epson L805 for printing, A4 Card Fusing Machine, 220 To 380 V, 300 W and Dotpot Metal Body PVC ID Card Die Cutter is the best for this.
  • Sublimation PVC card printing : use the same printer Epson L805 and use any sublimation heat press machine all work the same. 
  • Dragon sheet printing : Polycrom Korean PVC Lamination Dragon Sheet is the best dragon sheet available in the market and use Epson L805 or Canon G4010
  • Ink jet Printer : Epson L805,L810, L850, CANON G4000, G4010 is the compatible printer for PVC card printing. Epson L805 is the best one for this.
  • Thermal printers : Magicard Enduro3E, Evolis Primacy 2 both are best for PVC card printers you can choose as per your budget.

PVC card printer, machine and Cutters price

Fusing machine
Sublimation machine5000 to 50,000
Epson L805 price with Wifi20,000 to 25,800
Epson L810 price21,000 to 24,500
Canon G4000 Price15,500 to 22,500
Canon G4010 Price16,500 to 21,900
Die cutter 2500 to 3000
Dragon sheet 300 to 650
True-Ally Sublimation Paper199 to 499
Magicard Enduro3E, 37,900 to 40,999
Evolis Primacy 274,999
pvc card printer

PVC card machines best Buy links 

Here are the best buy products links to start your business.

 Sublimation machine :
Epson L805 :
Epson L810 :
Canon G4000 : Flipkart
Canon G4010 :
Die cutter :
Dragon sheet :
True-Ally Sublimation Paper :
Magicard Enduro3E :
Evolis Primacy 2 :


In this article we discuss the types of PVC card printing and know about some printers and machines best in their categories by end of this article we are come in to the conclusion that if your budget is low and start a PVC card printing business then you can buy Epson L805 printer and go with Dragon sheet printing or ink jet printing but if you want to start a professional PVC card business then definitely go with Magicard Enduro3E, Evolis Primacy 2 as per your budget.

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